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The Contemporary Arab Reader on Political Islam


This reader is both timely and informative and is the source of much new material, some of it published here for the first time in English. The wealth of material here is divided into six themes, each of which is then reflected in the works of writers on and partcipants in political Islam. The first of these is on a theoretical appreciation of Islamism in the contemporary Arab world. The second is on Islamism, Jihad and Martyrdom. The third sections covers Islamism and the question of Israel/Palestine. Part IV deals with trends and self criticism in contemporary Islamism. The fifth part covers Islamism, the West, the USA and 9/11. Part VI is on Islamism in the contemporary Arab world. This is an extremely important work which articulates clearly the thinking and viewpoints of those involved in political Islam today and is valuable for anyone seeking know more about this subject.

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